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It's been a while.

A lot happened. Me and Guido [punkedwerewolf] broke up. It's for the best, I think. He wasnt a good person. Not to me or others. I have three partners who I love very much, Vale, Ren, and Kenny. I hope I dont lose them. I feel conflicted. Perhaps I should do a reading? I have to shower, though. Maybe later. I'm just tired.


First journal entry after the site's redesign!! Woo!!!! A lot happened today, i made a ton of progress on a lot of things! Just [checks checklist]... eight more pages! We're nearly there! I'm so happy with how everything looks! We also split today, we have a new alter, plush's name is Yarrow. Plush doesn't talk much... plush is completely nonverbal, I think. Same, sorta, I was kinda talkative today though. Thats not normal. Plush seems to really like Gundham! I do as well, I mean, i should since he is a part of me, more than an alter/headmate, yknow? Well, thats enough. Its almost MIDNIGHT! Thisnentire entry will be negated if I don't hurry up! Goodbye, nyall

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